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The Korean Educational Research Association

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작성자 작성일 18-01-31 15:43


On behalf of the World Education Research Association it is an honour for us as President of WERA (dr Felice Levine) and Secretary General of WERA (prof Liesel Ebers"ohn) to share with you information (attached) for the 2018 WERA World Congress, Cape Town, South Africa (3 to 5 August 2018).

As the President of your WERA Association we request that you act as advocate for this first WERA World Congress. Please send direct emails to members of your association to promote this event and encourage them to submit abstracts for review for symposium, poster and paper submissions.

In addition, please disseminate the convenient pdf-document to other relevant scholars within your institutions and networks.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on this matter.

Best wishes,

Felice Levine & Liesel Ebers"ohn
WERA President WERA Secretary General